Well, it's been quite awhile since I have updated anything on here. I've been extremely sick this time. Very nauseated and tired. I'm slowly starting to feel better though. I have more good days than I used to and I can sometimes manage to make it a full day without taking any nausea medication. I am however beginning to get headaches so those haven't been pleasant but nothing I can't handle. We're still just very thankful for this pregnancy and can't wait until we find out what we're having. Everyone seems to think girl. :) I'm not convinced. With Talan I absolutely KNEW he was going to be a boy. I wasn't even the least bit surprised at the ultrasound when we found out. I really just wanted to tell everyone, "Told you so!" :) With this one... I'm not sure. We would like to have a girl, but again, I'm happy we're even pregnant so a boy would also be a blessing.

I'm now 13 weeks along and the baby has grown so much! When I first posted it was a little ball of cells! How amazing!  Here is an article talking about what happens at 13 weeks.

From parents.com:

Your baby is ramping up his growth rate. Your baby's organs, now fully formed, will mature during this trimester in preparation for life after birth. You still supply his oxygen through your bloodstream, but your baby will exercise his lungs and work his chest muscles. His kidneys are getting some practice too, and the amniotic fluid now contains fetal urine. The placenta is working alongside your baby, producing hormones and red blood cells.

His skin is becoming more waterproof. His heartbeat will start slowing down, but it will be strong enough for you to hear during your prenatal visit. His brain is continuing to grow. In fact everything will start growing so fast this month that your baby will almost double in length by the end of the 2nd trimester. Grow, baby, grow!

Your baby-to-be is almost done with the first trimester! In the first trimester, he went from a collection of cells to a fully formed individual in a matter of a few weeks. In the coming weeks, his basic body structure will add tissue -- and every part of his body will become more defined. He'll also become stronger. Sometime this trimester you might also be able to feel your baby kick and wiggle!

Probably one of the most important happenings this week is that your baby-to-be has a functioning kidney and urinary tract system. In other words, he's starting to pee in utero. This is normal and helps his body systems begin to process what he ingests.

Your baby's body skeleton is also adding layers to the rudimentary beginnings of bone. Tissue in his arms, legs, and face will be added to in the coming days. In fact, your baby's arms and legs are more proportionate to the size of the rest of his body.

Another change you can begin to see in the sonogram image is the relation of your baby's head size to the rest of his body. Up until now, his head overshadowed the rest of his body by half. Now, as his body has elongated, his head is only 1/3 the size of his growing frame.

More delicate changes are starting to take place, too. On his fingertips, tiny fingerprints are taking shape. He's often putting these fingers in and out of his mouth. He might even run his fingers over his developing tooth buds. While your baby-to-be may not be grinning any time soon, his earliest smile is beginning to come together.

(this isn't the baby but what it would like like about now. Which it does... I got to see it at my last appointment but didn't get

Week 13

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