Well, it's been quite awhile since I have updated anything on here. I've been extremely sick this time. Very nauseated and tired. I'm slowly starting to feel better though. I have more good days than I used to and I can sometimes manage to make it a full day without taking any nausea medication. I am however beginning to get headaches so those haven't been pleasant but nothing I can't handle. We're still just very thankful for this pregnancy and can't wait until we find out what we're having. Everyone seems to think girl. :) I'm not convinced. With Talan I absolutely KNEW he was going to be a boy. I wasn't even the least bit surprised at the ultrasound when we found out. I really just wanted to tell everyone, "Told you so!" :) With this one... I'm not sure. We would like to have a girl, but again, I'm happy we're even pregnant so a boy would also be a blessing.

I'm now 13 weeks along and the baby has grown so much! When I first posted it was a little ball of cells! How amazing!  Here is an article talking about what happens at 13 weeks.

From parents.com:

Your baby is ramping up his growth rate. Your baby's organs, now fully formed, will mature during this trimester in preparation for life after birth. You still supply his oxygen through your bloodstream, but your baby will exercise his lungs and work his chest muscles. His kidneys are getting some practice too, and the amniotic fluid now contains fetal urine. The placenta is working alongside your baby, producing hormones and red blood cells.

His skin is becoming more waterproof. His heartbeat will start slowing down, but it will be strong enough for you to hear during your prenatal visit. His brain is continuing to grow. In fact everything will start growing so fast this month that your baby will almost double in length by the end of the 2nd trimester. Grow, baby, grow!

Your baby-to-be is almost done with the first trimester! In the first trimester, he went from a collection of cells to a fully formed individual in a matter of a few weeks. In the coming weeks, his basic body structure will add tissue -- and every part of his body will become more defined. He'll also become stronger. Sometime this trimester you might also be able to feel your baby kick and wiggle!

Probably one of the most important happenings this week is that your baby-to-be has a functioning kidney and urinary tract system. In other words, he's starting to pee in utero. This is normal and helps his body systems begin to process what he ingests.

Your baby's body skeleton is also adding layers to the rudimentary beginnings of bone. Tissue in his arms, legs, and face will be added to in the coming days. In fact, your baby's arms and legs are more proportionate to the size of the rest of his body.

Another change you can begin to see in the sonogram image is the relation of your baby's head size to the rest of his body. Up until now, his head overshadowed the rest of his body by half. Now, as his body has elongated, his head is only 1/3 the size of his growing frame.

More delicate changes are starting to take place, too. On his fingertips, tiny fingerprints are taking shape. He's often putting these fingers in and out of his mouth. He might even run his fingers over his developing tooth buds. While your baby-to-be may not be grinning any time soon, his earliest smile is beginning to come together.

(this isn't the baby but what it would like like about now. Which it does... I got to see it at my last appointment but didn't get

Week 13



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YEP!! I AM PREGNANT! :) Big Brother is SOOO excited!!

I don't even know what to think! I freaked out and fretted for two days. I cried, holed myself up in the house, and Jared had Carol take Talan to play at her house so I could pretty much stay home and grovel in my sadness. I thought there is NO WAY we conceived this month. Not after reading all the things about the Leutal Phase Defect! But it turns out we did! :) I am concerned about miscarriage though and we weren't planning on telling anyone until we were sure we were in the clear, but.. I have kept everyone along for this ride I though, better not quit now. So, everyone be thinking of us and praying that this baby sticks and stays a healthy nine months!

For the details, I am only 11 days pregnant! But, if you go by what the doctor will say and by my due date I am 3 weeks and 4 days. Our estimated due date is May 6th.

I called and scheduled a doctor appointment. I'll be 6 weeks along. It's on September 7th, Jared and his Momma's birthday. I am anxious to hear what the doctor has to say and make sure everything is okay. I will be sure to let everyone know.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers please

Well, it looks like our journey is going to be extended a little longer than we hoped for. It's been a little difficult for us. As mentioned in a previous post it was very possible we could have conceived last month. After tracking my cycles and learning more and more about them I realized it was very very possible considering the timing. Unfortunately not only was it possible by timing but also very very unlikely because of a Leutal Phase Defect. Which I also have this month so it won't be happening this time either. We're calling our doctor bright and early Monday morning and I hope she can shine some light on this defect.

I've been crying about it for the past couple hours. It's hard because with Talan I was 17 years old and a senior in high school. I don't understand how the timing was right at all for a baby. But, things work out for a reason. I believe had I not gotten pregnant at 17 I wouldn't have made the decision to attend college. Or, I would have gone and not been serious about it. Maybe I wouldn't have made the grades, or ever decided that I really did want to teach. I think it would have been a combination of both. Talan has made me realize that getting an education and starting a career was important for me, and for our family. So, maybe timing was right... maybe he was what I needed in my life at that time. I am definitely very thankful that we were blessed with him. I never regret it one bit.

Now after talking with my mom maybe there is a reason behind this too. Last month the defect caused us to be unable to conceive, but had we conceived it would have interfered with finals in April. There are a couple things going on career-wise in our lives right now and maybe that's the reason for the defect this month. I just hope we aren't kept waiting too long to be blessed with another.

Jared talked to me tonight and says we'll do whatever we have to to have another baby. I just hope this defect can be easily corrected, and most of the time with medication it can, or you will have the defect some months and not others. We'll be praying things work out and I'll have my fingers and toes crossed every month.

Keep us in your thoughts please.

** Here is a little info on Leutal Phase Defects----

What is a Luteal Phase Defect or LPD?
Luteal Phase Defect
A luteal phase is the time in a woman’s cycle between ovulation and menstruation. In a pregnant woman, during the luteal phase the fertilized egg will travel from the fallopian tube and into the uterus for implantation. The luteal phase is normally 14 days long and on an average it can be anywhere from 10 to 17 days long. If your luteal phase lasts anything under 10 days it is considered a luteal phase defect. But some doctors believe that if the luteal phase falls under 12 days, then it is a problem. If you conceive and you have a luteal phase defect, you will have an early miscarriage.

A luteal phase defect cannot sustain a pregnancy because the uterine lining in these women begins to break down, bringing on the menstrual bleeding and causing an early miscarriage. There could be more than one reason for the luteal phase defect which can be found out after medical analysis. Going by statistics, the number one reason for a luteal phase defect is low progesterone levels. Your doctor can do a progesterone test on you 7 days past ovulation to determine exactly how deficient you are. Once you know that there are several ways of correcting this defect.
Well, we had a doctor appointment this morning and everything went great! That means we are definitely good to go in August! Only 21 more days! :) I decided to go back with the same doctor that delivered Talan. She is AMAZING and I don't know what I would do if she wasn't around for the next baby! We actually thought about using a doctor in Norman because the new facility they have built is just amazing, but.. I couldn't do it. My doc is way too awesome. :)
Not much to say today. Just excited that we got the go ahead from the doc and things are looking good for August.
Oh a funny thing.. she did ask us if we had any problem conceiving our first. Jared and I just giggled and said, "Absolutely not! He was a big surprise." :)
Hope everyone had a great week! We're trying not to go crazy being cooped up. All this stupid rain we've had is starting to really drive me nuts. Looks like an evening in with movies for us.

Here is what todays home, "paper" journal entry says:

  Today begins all of the Fourth of July festivities. Daddy and Talan are off stocking up on fireworks. The 4th is probably the boys' favorite holiday.
    We talked last night and decided not to try for *you* until next month. :( It's for the best. I will be so busy with my last semester of classes that it would be insane of us to try any earlier. Hopefully August will be our lucky month though and we will meet you in MAY! :) You have two cousin's with birthdays in May too. It will make it a busy month! We're just so ready and excited to meet *you*, you couldn't pay us enough money to put it off another month! I am literally counting down the days until we try!  (July 31st!)
    Well, it's raining here and for Talan and Daddy's sake I hope it stops. Dad just spend WAY too much money on fireworks.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth! Let's hope this weather gets better. We are planning on watching the show at the park and then heading out to Jared's moms to set off all the ones the boys bought. :)

Well, today began the second cycle of us trying to conceive. Or maybe the first. Last cycle we were not actively trying but it could have happened. Unfortunately AF (aunt flo) showed her ugly little face today so we're moving on to cycle 2!

I'm secretly hoping it doesn't happen this cycle either. If it does, we'll be expecting Baby Turney the beginning of April, which does not agree with my school schedule. Ideally we're looking at August,  but I really believe you can't *plan* a baby. I think they choose when they're ready. It all happens for a reason. Just like with Talan. We definitely didn't PLAN to have him but it was a blessing for sure!

I have decided to keep a "paper journal" at home, as well as on this site. I have it in a small white floral hardback book so that one day Baby Turney can read it. Here's what today's (and the first) entry consisted of.
                                         July 2, 2010
    Well, Aunt Flo decided to show today. :(
Honestly it's a good thing. We aren't planning for *you* to be here until May, so August would be the ideal month.
   I have been keeping track of my cycles and it was a possibility we could have been expecting this month. I was getting a little excited about it. Everything happens for a reason though. :)
   The reason we are planning for May is because I will be on summer break from college, waiting to head back for student teaching in the Fall. I could be home with *you* about 3 months before I had to head back. :)
   *You* are going to have an older brother, Talan. The BEST older brother! Mommy and Daddy had him when we were very young. He was a huge surprise! We were very excited though. Since I was so young back then I didn't think about keeping a journal for him, or photographing my belly each month (which I plan to do this time). I feel guilty I didn't do those things for him, but he knows he is loved. He is SPOILED ROTTEN! Maybe I will start writing some letters to him so that one day when he's older he'll be able to read them.

*according to askdramy.com*

LMP (last menstrual period): July 2, 2010
Possibly Fertile: July 11th
Likely Fertile: July 12th
Fertile: July 13th
Ovulation: July 14th
Day After Ovu; possibly fertile: July 15th
Implantation!: July 21st
Earliest day a blood test will work: July 22nd
Earliest HPT day: July 24th
AF (aunt flo) expected, test very likely accurate: July 28th
Making the DUE DATE: April 6th!!!

Some Trying to Conceive lingo:
TTC: trying to conceive
AF: aunt flo
LMP: last menstrual period
HPT: home pregnancy test
O: ovulation
2WW: two week wait (before testing)
POAS: pee on a stick ;)
FX'ed: fingers crossed
BFP: big fat positive (on hpt)
BFN: big fat negative :(

These are all I can think that I might be using in the blogs. There are many more. Some a little TMI for some people so we'll leave it as just these. :)