Well, today began the second cycle of us trying to conceive. Or maybe the first. Last cycle we were not actively trying but it could have happened. Unfortunately AF (aunt flo) showed her ugly little face today so we're moving on to cycle 2!

I'm secretly hoping it doesn't happen this cycle either. If it does, we'll be expecting Baby Turney the beginning of April, which does not agree with my school schedule. Ideally we're looking at August,  but I really believe you can't *plan* a baby. I think they choose when they're ready. It all happens for a reason. Just like with Talan. We definitely didn't PLAN to have him but it was a blessing for sure!

I have decided to keep a "paper journal" at home, as well as on this site. I have it in a small white floral hardback book so that one day Baby Turney can read it. Here's what today's (and the first) entry consisted of.
                                         July 2, 2010
    Well, Aunt Flo decided to show today. :(
Honestly it's a good thing. We aren't planning for *you* to be here until May, so August would be the ideal month.
   I have been keeping track of my cycles and it was a possibility we could have been expecting this month. I was getting a little excited about it. Everything happens for a reason though. :)
   The reason we are planning for May is because I will be on summer break from college, waiting to head back for student teaching in the Fall. I could be home with *you* about 3 months before I had to head back. :)
   *You* are going to have an older brother, Talan. The BEST older brother! Mommy and Daddy had him when we were very young. He was a huge surprise! We were very excited though. Since I was so young back then I didn't think about keeping a journal for him, or photographing my belly each month (which I plan to do this time). I feel guilty I didn't do those things for him, but he knows he is loved. He is SPOILED ROTTEN! Maybe I will start writing some letters to him so that one day when he's older he'll be able to read them.

*according to askdramy.com*

LMP (last menstrual period): July 2, 2010
Possibly Fertile: July 11th
Likely Fertile: July 12th
Fertile: July 13th
Ovulation: July 14th
Day After Ovu; possibly fertile: July 15th
Implantation!: July 21st
Earliest day a blood test will work: July 22nd
Earliest HPT day: July 24th
AF (aunt flo) expected, test very likely accurate: July 28th
Making the DUE DATE: April 6th!!!

Some Trying to Conceive lingo:
TTC: trying to conceive
AF: aunt flo
LMP: last menstrual period
HPT: home pregnancy test
O: ovulation
2WW: two week wait (before testing)
POAS: pee on a stick ;)
FX'ed: fingers crossed
BFP: big fat positive (on hpt)
BFN: big fat negative :(

These are all I can think that I might be using in the blogs. There are many more. Some a little TMI for some people so we'll leave it as just these. :)

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