Here is what todays home, "paper" journal entry says:

  Today begins all of the Fourth of July festivities. Daddy and Talan are off stocking up on fireworks. The 4th is probably the boys' favorite holiday.
    We talked last night and decided not to try for *you* until next month. :( It's for the best. I will be so busy with my last semester of classes that it would be insane of us to try any earlier. Hopefully August will be our lucky month though and we will meet you in MAY! :) You have two cousin's with birthdays in May too. It will make it a busy month! We're just so ready and excited to meet *you*, you couldn't pay us enough money to put it off another month! I am literally counting down the days until we try!  (July 31st!)
    Well, it's raining here and for Talan and Daddy's sake I hope it stops. Dad just spend WAY too much money on fireworks.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth! Let's hope this weather gets better. We are planning on watching the show at the park and then heading out to Jared's moms to set off all the ones the boys bought. :)

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