Well, we had a doctor appointment this morning and everything went great! That means we are definitely good to go in August! Only 21 more days! :) I decided to go back with the same doctor that delivered Talan. She is AMAZING and I don't know what I would do if she wasn't around for the next baby! We actually thought about using a doctor in Norman because the new facility they have built is just amazing, but.. I couldn't do it. My doc is way too awesome. :)
Not much to say today. Just excited that we got the go ahead from the doc and things are looking good for August.
Oh a funny thing.. she did ask us if we had any problem conceiving our first. Jared and I just giggled and said, "Absolutely not! He was a big surprise." :)
Hope everyone had a great week! We're trying not to go crazy being cooped up. All this stupid rain we've had is starting to really drive me nuts. Looks like an evening in with movies for us.


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